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Under Attack

As a courts/crime reporter for a daily newspaper, I’m well aware many of the people I write about don’t want me to write about them. Defendants have begged me and attempted to bribe me not to run their names in the paper. I’m been cursed out and lied about. It comes with the territory, and I take appropriate (though fortunately minor) precautions to protect myself and my family.

And now I face retaliation from someone I wrote about on Eye on Comics.

In the fall of 2009, I wrote about a federal court decision out of Ontario ruling in favour of American cartoonist Rich Koslowski, who won a legal action against Hogan Scott Courrier, the owner of Geeks Galore Computer Center in Marmora, Ont., for copyright infringement. Courrier used an image from Koslowski’s 3 Geeks comics in signage and other material for his business. A year later, I wrote a followup piece, in which Koslowski confirmed he hadn’t received the court-ordered monetary award and that Courrier hadn’t removed the image from his business material. In that followup, I also quoted Courrier after having reached him via email to allow him to tell his side of the story.

That was the last I heard of the story — until last week.

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52 Comics, 52 Reviews

With its “New 52” line of comics, DC Comics has promised everything old is new again with its super-hero properties, so I’m turning my critical eye to all 52 first issues this fall.

I plan to review each and every one of DC’s “New 52” releases in September here on Eye on Comics. With DC’s relaunch of its entire super-hero line, its comics and some creators are going to be unknown quantities to a number of readers, both new and old. I intend these reviews to be something of a guide for those with an interest in some or even all of the titles, not just in terms of content but also in quality.

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Rising from the Grave

Blackest Night promo imageDC super-heroes aren’t the only ones coming back from the dead these days. Yes, Eye on Comics has managed to claw and crawl out of the digital grave into which it disappeared over the past couple of weeks (thanks to a site hack and worm that messed things up royally). Thanks to a good friend with a much greater degree of technology expertise than myself, the site was resurrected. And then it died. It rose from the ashes again, only to succumb and die again. I’m continuing to struggle with problems, but it seems though there’s light at the end of that particularly problem-plagued tunnel.

While the site was down, there was a period of time when it seemed as though it might have been a lost cause. I considered that Eye on Comics may have reached an end (fittingly, just as it approached its third anniversary on Sept. 19). I pondered some questions. Did I want to relaunch with a new site? Join another? Or perhaps just call it quits when it comes to reviewing comics?

My frustrations with the outages and my elation at its various revivals provided me with the answers to those questions. I enjoy writing about comics, and I feel invested in the Eye on Comics brand I’ve developed over the past three years. I thank all my readers (vocal or otherwise) who check out my reviews, commentary and features, and I truly appreciate that audience. I hope you’ll all be patient with me over the next few days (or weeks, we’ll see) as I continue to contend with site problems, but rest assured, my plan is to keep my Eye out.

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A Couple of Candles

As the site reaches its second anniversary today, achieving the milestone has an ever-so-subtly bittersweet taste. As I look back on what I’d accomplish at the one-year mark, I realize my output for Eye on Comics during its second year was down significantly. I’d put together 200 posts in the first year, while the past 12 months have seen a little more than half that number of reviews, editorials and features.

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One Candle

A year ago today, I launched Eye on Comics.

I’ve been writing comics reviews and commentary online since December 1995. After working on such sites as Psycomic, the incarnation of Comics Newsarama and The Fourth Rail, the less frequent updates and more selective approach to review material have made the past year something of a learning experience. It’s been great not to be shackled to a specific schedule, dictated by new comics release dates and efforts to be the first site to offer advance reviews of key titles.

I’ve had a few sponsors in the past year, and my thanks go out to them for their support. A number of other comics blogs and sites have also supported my efforts by linking to my content, bringing my work to the attention of some who might not otherwise have stumbled upon my new digs on the Internet. But even more than that, I appreciate the readers. Those who take the time to post comments add to the experience for me; I like the conversations and the interaction. Even without the feedback, it’s gratifying to know that thousands take the time to stop by the site and see what I have to say.

This post is actually the 200th on the site (pay no attention to the URL; some early draft posts were deleted as I developed the site). We’ll just have to see if I can pump out another 200 over the next 365 days.

If only I was marking the first birthday of Eye on Comics with something more celebratory than chemical preparations for a colonoscopy. Oy.

Eye Wide Shut

Many readers likely noticed that Eye on Comics wasn’t accessible for more than a day around May 21. It had something to do with “kernel panicking” and the server trying to “mount the root filesystem.” It’s all very confusing and sounds suspiciously salacious to me. But what do I know.

The site’s back up now, of course, and new content has begun to flow. Anyone who sent me e-mail at my address during the site outage might want to resend, as there was surprisingly few messages in my inbox once I was able to access it again. It was also apparent after the site went live again that some image files were lost in the process. I’ve replaced all of the ones I noticed missing, but if you see any broken images on the site, please e-mail me and let me know about it.

In other site news, some may have noticed Eye on Comics has a new sponsor: A Wave Blue World Inc., publisher of the indy comic Adrenaline. If you enjoy my reviews and commentary, please support my efforts by taking the time to click on A Wave Blue World’s ad on the left and check out its website.

Eye on Comics – An Introduction

Welcome to Eye on Comics, my latest foray into online commentary about comics.  I’m Don MacPherson, perhaps best known as half of the reviewing team responsible for The Fourth Rail, my previous comics review website with partner Randy Lander.

Randy and I decided (independently of one another, actually) last month we were both tired of The Fourth Rail format and wanted to start fresh.  Randy and some friends down in Austin, Texas, had an idea for a new site that evolved into the already-popular  I also wanted to rebrand and start fresh, but I was looking to go in a different direction than Randy.

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