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An All-Ages Book That’s ‘Arrrrr’-Rated

Polly and the Pirates trade paperback
Writer/Artist/Cover artist: Ted Naifeh
Editors: James Lucas Jones & Joe Nozemack
Publisher: Oni Press
Price: $11.95 US

One might assume that creator Ted Naifeh was just jumping on the Pirates of the Caribbean bandwagon when he came up with this all-ages read about adventure on the high seas. While the book boasts the same sense of fun and adventure as the movie franchise, there’s also an innocence and purity to these characters that sets it apart. Polly and the Pirates simply wreaks of entertainment and charm. There’s not a single character — from the title character herself to the lowliest villainous henchman — that doesn’t boast a strong degree of appeal. Naifeh’s designs for the Victorian Neverland in which the story is set are stunning and wondrous, and the wide-eyed characters are a delight to the eyes as well.

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Sex Cells

How to Make Money Like a Porn Star original graphic novel
Writer: Neil Strauss
Artist: Bernard Chang
Publisher: HarperCollins/Regan Books
Price: $19.95 US/$25.95 CAN

I hadn’t heard of Neil Strauss and Bernard Chang’s previous collaboration, How to Make Love Like a Porn Star (a book listed as being written by porn icon Jenna Jameson), but it seems this is the spiritual sequel to that book. In his introduction, Strauss makes it clear that this cynical, dark, violent satire arose from his contact with porn stars in preparation for the previous book. In his observations in the introduction, it’s clear that there’s a strong, character-driven drama to be told about the damaged people who populate the adult film industry. But that’s not what this book is about. Strauss exaggerates the victimization and circumstances to the point of disbelief, and any degree of effective satire is lost in the lack of focus and flow in the storytelling. The good news is that artist Bernard Chang demonstrates some real growth and development in his art, and I’d love to see his work on higher-profile and more thoughtful comics in the future.

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