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Quick Critiques – Sept. 26, 2006

Checkmate #6 (DC Comics)
by Greg Rucka, Nunzio Defilippis, Christina Weir, Cliff Richards & Dan Green

DC revives the Suicide Squad yet again, and it makes sense of the concept to arise in this series, given that Amanda Waller is a significant player. This story will be thoroughly satisfying for fans of the John Ostrander-penned series of the 1980s. The concept is a solid one, and the writers explore it within the context of the DC Universe at the moment: namely, one in which just about every super-villain is organized under the umbrella of the Society. It’s a suspense-filled, entertaining script… for those of us who are up on all of the details. Those who haven’t read the first Suicide Squad series or Villains United will no doubt feel as though they were left out of the loop. Furthermore, DC can’t seem to decide what it wants to do in regard to the status of the Tattooed Man; I’m not sure, but now there are at least two of them running around, if not three, all with the same powers. Cliff Richards’s fill-in art starts off strong, bringing an appropriately gritty, convincing quality into play. The linework gets rougher as the issue progresses, as though the artists were rushed toward the end. Of course, a side effect of that lesser level of detail and definition later on is that the art looks a bit like that of Luke McDonnell, the first regular penciller on the original Suicide Squad series. 6/10

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