Daily Archives: October 1, 2006

Shattering Boundaries, Protecting the Cherry

American Virgin #7
“Going Down, Part 3 of 5”
Writer: Steven T. Seagle
Pencils: Becky Cloonan
Inks: Ryan Kelly
Colors: Brian Miller
Letters: Jared K. Fletcher
Cover artist: Joshua Middleton
Editor: Shelly Bond
Publisher: DC Comics/Vertigo imprint
Price $2.99 US/$4 CAN

Everything about American Virgin is designed to make people uncomfortable. The hero of the series is a youthful evangelist, a devout Christian — not exactly the kind of figure that’s going to appeal to Vertigo readers. The story forces that hero to face corners of the world that violate his Evangelical Christian sensibilities. He’s forced to face the notion that he is no more special than anyone else around him. Adam also makes the world around him uncomfortable. He’s young and attractive. The world should be his sexual oyster, and no one understands why he’s so dedicated to his belief that sex is a marital privilege.

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