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Is There Love After Death?

My Dead Girlfriend Vol. 1 original graphic novel
“A Tryst of Fate”
Writer/Pencils/Cover artist: Eric Wight
Inks: Eric Wight, Mike Allred, Michael Cho & Nick Derington
Greytones: Mark Lewis
Letters: Mark Lewis & Lucas Rivera
Editor: Julie Taylor
Publisher: Tokyopop
Price: $9.99 US/$12.50 CAN

People in the comic-book industry have been singing the praises of Eric Wight for a couple of years now, but I don’t think we’ve really seen a project that one could point to as really belonging to him. The one-time animation artist has illustrated short stories in a variety of comics titles, but there was never one that one could call “that Eric Wight book”… until now. Given the amount of work he’s done for the big super-hero publishers, it might strike one as surprising that Wight would opt to make his debut as a writer/artist of original graphic novels outside that arena. Signing up with Tokyopop for this project is not only a good thematic fit, though, but it offers him a stronger penetration into a market that might not be as familiar with his work. My Dead Girlfriend is a light, entertaining read. The imaginative mix of the supernatural, comic elements and teen melodrama is quite charming, and the sweet and innocent love story is saccharine, yes, but quite cute and touching too.

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