Daily Archives: March 13, 2007

Life Sucks, Get a Helmet

Over the course of the past couple of months, DC has released a number of specials to tee-up next month’s launch a new, ongoing Doctor Fate series from DC Comics. Given the prominence of the Helmet of Fate in DC’s weekly series, 52, it made sense to see these one-shots as spinoffs of that title as well, but events have recently shown that the mystical artifact has really had nothing to do with the Ralph Dibny subplot in 52. In terms of generating interest and excitement about the new ongoing title, these specials fall short of their goal, as they tell us nothing of what to expect, nor do the scripts endeavor to do so at all. Where these one-shots do succeed, though, are with efforts to offer up some fun stories that tap into a lighter, more traditional approach to comics storytelling and with some more grounded, characterization-oriented scripting.

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