Daily Archives: March 15, 2007

String Theory

Red String Vol. 1 graphic novel
Writer/Artist/Cover artist: Gina Biggs
Editor: Mike Carriglitto
Publisher: Dark Horse Books
Price: $9.95 US

Though Tokyopop and Viz dominate the world of manga in the Western market, one has to acknowledge that Dark Horse Comics definitely makes itself known in that arena as well, and not just when it comes to English-language adaptations of Japanese material. Red String isn’t technically original English-language manga, since its original presentation was online. Creator Gina Biggs is clearly a fan of manga and Japanese culture, as she sets her teen romance story in the Land of the Rising Sun. Biggs boasts a soft, appealing visual style that’s in keeping with the lighter, youthful tone of her story. Unfortunately, the backgrounds are lacking, making for some repetitive and unengaging artwork at times. The story itself is fairly simple, even silly at times, but it’s also sweet. Red String is all about giggly girls and their rivals, as well as the boys they swoon over and those that torment them. Red String is bound to delight young, female readers, but its appeal seems pretty much limited to that small, niche market.

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