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Quick Critiques – March 16, 2007

Civil War: The Confession #1 (Marvel Comics)
by Brian Michael Bendis & Alex Maleev

With the release of last week’s Civil War: The Initiative and a slew of Fallen Son specials on the way, Marvel’s readers are no doubt getting sick of the fallout from the publisher’s Civil War crossover event. The anti-climactic tone of the final issue of the crossover series was unsatisfactory, but this latest one-shot provide a quite sense of closure for the central Captain America/Iron Man conflict. Bendis — with his strongest Marvel Universe script in recent memory — manages to humanize Tony Stark and cast him in something other than a villainous or corrupt light. Stark’s dedication to his cause makes sense here; one isn’t more likely to agree with him, but at least his behavior makes sense in the context provided here. This is a quiet, emotional story about two friends who feel forced into enmity, and Bendis’s script really gets to the heart of the hurt both men feel. Alex Maleev’s artwork might seem like a poor match for the sleek, technological qualities of Iron Man, but the dark, gritty tone in his style is a great match for the emotional pain that’s at the heart of this epilogue story. Colorist Jose Villarrubia brings some added texture and realism to the visuals, and given Bendis’s effort to achieve a realistic tone, it bolsters the gravity of the story. It’s a shame that the bulk of the plotlines from Civil War were so frustrating, because there is clearly potential in the concepts. Bendis demonstrates as much here, just as other writers — such as J. Michael Straczynski in Amazing Spider-Man and Fantastic Four — did in various tie-in issues. 7/10

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