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Quick Critiques – April 10, 2007

Dynamo 5 #2 (Image Comics)
by Jay Faerber & Mahmud A. Asrar

Creators Jay Faerber and Mahmud Asrar prove that the strength of the first issue of this novel super-hero title was no fluke with another solid story that combines old-school action with a premise that opens the door to interesting possibilities for characterization. Faerber’s script is thoroughly accessible, and I like how different dynamics, personalities and attitudes are emerging among the protagonists. Slingshot is developing into a natural leader, and Scrap’s tough exterior is balanced by her insecurities about making her dream of a career as a filmmaker come true. Faerber also maintains a strong balance in his portrayal of Maggie Warner; she’s determined and ruthless, but there’s a maternal quality that’s beginning to shine through here. My one qualm with the story is that Whiptail’s motives for rampaging through the city aren’t apparent at all. Mahmud Asrar’s art continues to impress. His work is dynamic and full of energy, and his style is still reminiscent of such strong super-hero artists as Kevin Nowlan and Mike McKone. There’s a darker tone to be found in Ron Riley’s colors. That’s fitting, given that most scenes are set at night, but the approach also brings a slightly more mature tone to the story. I’m pleased that the first printing of the first issue of this series sold out. It seems as though it’s finding an audience. It looks as though Dynamo 5 will be the project that finally serves as Faerber’s big breakthrough. 7/10

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