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Quick Critiques – April 24, 2007

The Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century #1 (DC Comics/Johnny DC imprint)
by J. Torres & Chynna Clugston

When I pre-ordered this comic book, I hadn’t yet seen an episode of the new Legion of Super-Heroes cartoon upon which this new comic series is based. I managed to catch the first episode just last week (though as yet, no Canadian channel has picked it up, as far as I know), and it’s fortunate that I did. J. Torres’s script retells the events of the first episode of the TV show from different points of view. Though I like the storytelling method, one really has to be familiar with the plot ahead of time in order to get at what Torres is doing. It’s a shame there’s not a strong visual cue to distinguish between the divergent viewpoints as well. Nevertheless, Torres manages not only to convey the same personalities we’ve seen in the cartoon, but to add to them and flesh the characters out more clearly. I can see why Torres opts to retell the story of the show’s pilot, as it introduces the core concept of adding a young Superman to the team lineup. Still, I felt a little cheated; I wanted a new story, not a rehashing what’s already been presented on the tube. I expect future issues will deliver in that regard, though.

Chynna Clugston’s art captures the designs and style of the TV show adeptly, but I was thrilled to discover that her own unique, energetic and appealing style wasn’t overwhelmed and engulfed by the strict guides of the cartoon. When I watched the pilot episode of the cartoon, one of the characters I was the least taken with was Triplicate Girl, but Clugston’s take on her brought more personality and style to the character. Guy Major’s colors bring an appropriate level of energy and brightness to the mix, but the lower grade of the paper dulls them somewhat, making for a flatter, slightly darker look. 6/10

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Compound Words

As a news reporter and former public-relations professional, I have a special interest in the craft (or lack thereof) of marketing efforts in the comics industry. And as the producer/writer of a comics-related website, plenty of publishers’ news releases make their way into my e-mail inbox. An unusual but clever one found its way to me this afternoon, and I was impressed with the initiative demonstrated with this piece of comics marketing.

Earlier today, news broke of the scientific discovery in Serbia of a mineral that just happens to share the same chemical composition as Kryptonite (as suggested in the recent, Bryan-Singer directed film, Superman Returns). A mineral expert’s research uncovered the coincidental synchronicity between science and science-fiction. The Associated Press reported that the material — which will be named Jadarite — is white, powdery and definitely not radioactive. The AP story made the rounds throughout the day Tuesday and will no doubt grace the pages of many a newspaper around the world Wednesday.

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