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Quick Critiques – July 19, 2007

All Flash #1 (DC Comics)
by Mark Waid, Karl Kerschl, Ian Churchill, Manuel Garcia, Joe Bennett, Daniel Acuna, Norm Rapmund & Ruy Jose

While I thought Geoff Johns did an admirable job of filling his shoes when he took over the writing reins of DC’s speedster icon, there’s no doubt that no one had a better grasp on the Flash in the past two decades (or more) than writer Mark Waid. Is his return to the character reason to celebrate? I honestly don’t know yet. This special — bridging the gap between the previous, short-lived Flash series and the renewal of the title Waid wrote for so many years — focuses on points of recent continuity. It explores the notion of who gets punished for the previous Flash’s death and who metes out the punishment, for example. Waid also tries to answer some questions that arose from Wally West’s return last month in Justice League of America #10, but the title character and script also dodge a number of them, holding out the promise of more answers in the future. All Flash boasts an accessible script that manages to boil down the convoluted history of the Flash — with its connections to time travel and mysterious, spiritual, pseudo-scientific forces of nature — into something newer readers will be able to follow. It’s also clear that Waid’s approach to writing Wally West, whom he knows so well, will not just be a regurgitation of what he’s done before. Instead, this is Wally trying to live up to more than a heroic legacy, but to responsibilities as a family man. The artwork for this special ranges from quite lovely to frustratingly ordinary. The use of multiple artists to get this project completed may have been expedient, but that comes to the detriment of the storytelling. The shifts from Karl Kerschl’s vibrant, Joshua Middleton-esque visuals to Churchill’s run-of-the-mill super-hero style is not only disappointing but jarring to the reader as well. We also get a taste of what artist Daniel Acuna has in store with his stint on Waid’s new Flash run, and while I like his work, his style seems too stiff for a speedster protagonist. 6/10

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