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Quick Critiques – July 29, 2007

The Immortal Iron Fist #7 (Marvel Comics)
by Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction, Travel Foreman, Leandro Fernandez, Khari Evans, Derek Fridolfs, Francisco Paranzini & Victor Olazaba

Writers Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction have brought a sense of legacy and history to Marvel’s martial-arts hero property, and that’s opened the door for stories like this one. This self-contained issue introduces the reader to a new character, someone else who bore the Iron Fist mantle at a previous point in history. It’s great that the first of these stories features a female protagonist. The writers are bringing a greater diversity to the world of Iron Fist with these alternate takes on the concept. It reminds me a bit of the flashback stories James Robinson would occasionally provide during the course of his landmark Starman series for DC Comics. What’s most striking about this story, though, isn’t the history, culture or feminism, all of which are integral parts of the tale. Instead, it’s the humor. This story of a woman warrior in a long-past period in the Orient could have easily followed more predictable lines, with purple prose and archetypical plot developments to capture the classic elements. Instead, there are some great jokes serving to ground the historical fiction in a tone to which the reader can relate. In other words, the script is damn funny. Like the other issues that preceded this one, multiple art teams are employed to bring the visuals to life, and again, it works surprisingly well. The shifts from art team to art team aren’t the least bit jarring; there’s a strong visual flow at play in the book.

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