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Quick Critiques – Aug. 2, 2007

The Chemist #1 (Image Comics)
by Jay Boose

Writer/artist Jay Boose takes the reader into the criminal underworld, employing an unusual protagonist as a guide. The hero of the story is Vance Laroche, a chemist who has become obscenely rich reverse-engineering drugs for the underworld. This slick scientist becomes a fugitive, running from his crooked employers. Boose’s story is full of action, and but the fast pace of the story is balanced nicely by the inventiveness, resourcefulness and intellect of the protagonist. Boose combines a 1940s noir sensibility with high-octane, high-tech elements of today, making for a riveting read. I loved the more cosmopolitan touch he brings to the piece with the change in settings from Boston to Montreal. The woman whom Vance rescues from certain death makes for a perfect counterpart to his in-control, always prepared attitude. Alexis’s tough but clueless personality manages to bring the story down to earth a bit. She’s not stupid, but she’s definitely in over her head; her carefree outlook keeps her from freaking out and allows her to just enjoy the ride. Boose’s artwork looks like a cross between the styles of Tony (Ex Machina) Harris and Jason (Body Bags) Pearson. While detailed and realistic, Boose uses colors to immerse the story in a dark mood that’s in keeping with the classic, nostalgic look of crime-genre stories that have come before it. Sin, style and sexuality blend perfectly here for a story that reminds me of the sort of thing one might get from an issue of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips’s award-winning series, Criminal. 9/10

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