Daily Archives: August 13, 2007

Drinking Games

The Naked Artist: Comic Book Legends
Writer: Bryan Talbot
Artist/Cover artist: Hunt Emerson
Publisher: Moonstone Books
Price: $11.95 US

One of my favorite memories from the Comic-Con International San Diego in 2003 was sitting on the balcony of the hotel room I shared with Randy Lander, drinking dirty rum, reminiscing and telling stories. I thought back on the times we worked for a couple of different website companies together, talked comics, talked about women and laughed about it all. That con also saw a couple of unusual incidents (mostly alcohol-related) that will no doubt serve as future balcony-conversation fodder. The Naked Artist is a collection of the kinds of stories that comics professionals tell one another and recall together, no doubt over fine food and drink. This prose collection of true stories and false but fabulous myths is made up of short essays and even shorter snippets of a few well-known but many unknown yarns about the trials, tribulations and terrors experienced by creators whose work comics fans adore.

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