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Quick Critiques – Aug. 22, 2007

Birds of Prey #109 (DC Comics)
by Tony Bedard, Nicola Scott & Doug Hazlewood

The post-Gail Simone era for Birds of Prey begins, and writer Tony Bedard demonstrates he has a strong grip on the characters. The cover proclaims the central plotline to be Barbara and Dinah’s discussion of the latter’s possible nuptials, and while it’s nice to see such a conversational, slice-of-life notion at the forefront of a super-hero book, it really doesn’t ring true. Generally, people don’t flat out tell their friends that the loves of their lives are pigs. They may think it, but they don’t say it. Unfortunately, the real point of this issue seems to be addressing continuity points. Through Oracle, Bedard addresses the ugly history of the Black Canary/Green Arrow relationship, but only those up on those past stories will really appreciate the transgressions being discussed. Furthermore, Bedard deals with the apparent dissolution of Simone’s Secret Six (I assume, thanks to Deadshot’s renewed involvement with the Suicide Squad, as seen in Countdown). On top of that, the storyline that really drives this issue forward is the ongoing “Death of the New Gods” concept, launched in Countdown as well. With Knockout and Big Barda associated with this title, I suppose Birds of Prey was a logical venue for a tie-in, but it just doesn’t fit with the espionage riff that’s part and parcel of this property. Inexplicably, there’s no overt cue that this is a Countdown crossover issue or that it would be of interest to fans of the late Jack Kirby’s Fourth World characters. Nicola Scott’s art is straightforward; she’s offers standard super-hero visuals here. But the storytelling is solid, and she manages to convey the strength of the more experienced heroines and the innocence of the younger characters. 5/10 

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