Daily Archives: September 17, 2007

Close the Window, I Feel a Draft

Drafted #1
Writer: Mark Powers
Artist/Cover artist: Chris Lie
Colors: Joseph Baker
Letters: Brian J. Crowley
Editor: Mike O’Sullivan
Publisher: Devil’s Due Publishing
Price: $3.50 US

To say Drafted is an ambitious project would be putting it lightly. Former X-Men editor Mark Powers has crafted a story in which every corner of the globe serves as a setting, and individuals from all over the world, from a diverse array of backgrounds, serve as the expansive cast of characters. While there are science-fiction elements in the story, Powers’s plot is more about sociological speculation and the politics of the apocalypse. It’s really quite intriguing and, like I said, ambitious. The problem is that it’s too large in scope. Powers spreads the story out over too many locales and too many characters. There’s a scattered quality to the plotting, and the reader is never given a central figure to latch onto. The art certainly captures the immensity of the story, conveying the detail of disaster effectively. Artist Chris Lie achieves a somewhat realistic look… until one looks at the characters’ faces. Devil’s Due is to be commended for experimenting with genre and subject matter here, but there are glitches in the experiment that interfere with the results.

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