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G.I. Robot

Atomic Robo #1
“The Will to Power”
Writer: Brian Clevinger
Artist: Scott Wegener
Colors: Rhonda Pattison
Letters: Jeff Powell
Cover artist: Michael Avon Oeming
Publisher: Red 5 Comics
Price: $2.95 US

As I read the background text in the inside front cover of this issue, describing the title character and his history, I was struck by how much the character has in common with Hellboy. The main difference between the pair is that Hellboy has supernatural origins, while Atomic Robo’s foundation is to be found in history of science and science-fiction. As I delved further into the comic, I found that the similarities hold true, save for the fact that the creators here play things up much more for laughs. If anything, Atomic Robo is reminiscent of another Mike Mignola project. It’s rather like The Amazing Screw-On Head Light. The simpler tone of the art is in keeping with the more irreverent side of the property as well. I can’t say that Atomic Robo is the most original comic book I’ve stumbled across, but it is entertaining. Hopefully, future issues will bring more ambitious and original plots while preserving the property’s comedic appeal.

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Catch a Falling All-Star

The mercury has begun to drop, and in my neck of the woods, we’ve even been issued the occasional frost warning in the evenings from time to time. Summer’s over, so many of us bid adieu to barbecues, bathing suits and sunburns. This past summer was also significant in the world of comics — and specifically to DC Comics — because summer 2007 was the announced release date of a much-anticipated project designed to light the comics sales charts on fire: All-Star Wonder Woman.

[…] It seems someone missed her cue. A-hem. I said, “All-Star Wonder Woman!”

Hmm, apparently, she’s a no show.

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