Daily Archives: September 19, 2007

One Candle

A year ago today, I launched Eye on Comics.

I’ve been writing comics reviews and commentary online since December 1995. After working on such sites as Psycomic, the Fandom.com incarnation of Comics Newsarama and The Fourth Rail, the less frequent updates and more selective approach to review material have made the past year something of a learning experience. It’s been great not to be shackled to a specific schedule, dictated by new comics release dates and efforts to be the first site to offer advance reviews of key titles.

I’ve had a few sponsors in the past year, and my thanks go out to them for their support. A number of other comics blogs and sites have also supported my efforts by linking to my content, bringing my work to the attention of some who might not otherwise have stumbled upon my new digs on the Internet. But even more than that, I appreciate the readers. Those who take the time to post comments add to the experience for me; I like the conversations and the interaction. Even without the feedback, it’s gratifying to know that thousands take the time to stop by the site and see what I have to say.

This post is actually the 200th on the site (pay no attention to the URL; some early draft posts were deleted as I developed the site). We’ll just have to see if I can pump out another 200 over the next 365 days.

If only I was marking the first birthday of Eye on Comics with something more celebratory than chemical preparations for a colonoscopy. Oy.