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Quick Critiques – Sept. 24, 2007

Countdown to Mystery #1 (DC Comics)
by Steve Gerber, Justiniano & Walden Wong/by Matthew Sturges & Stephen Jorge Segovia

This ended up on my pull list by accident, as DC’s previous forays into this new two-feature format (Mystery in Space and Tales of the Unexpected) didn’t appeal to me. I was pleasantly surprised to find that both features here, despite their connections to recent DC crossover events, really piqued my interest. The main feature, featuring a new Dr. Fate, is really, relating the there-but-for-the-grace-of-God-go-I tale of an unfortunate soul. Despite this new Kent Nelson’s sins, he’s a sympathetic figure because anyone can relate to his ennui. The Eclipso story is the biggest surprise in the book. I haven’t cared for this incarnation of the character, but her corruption of such a bright and light character as Plastic Man made for a solid, suspenseful story. Sturges not only explores Eclipso as an insidious figure, but he uses the new female spin on the character as something of a dark siren. The art in both features is also well done. Justiniano’s exaggerated, elongated linework suits supernatural plot elements well. Wisely, the general Fate design is maintained for this new incarnation of the character; it’s a smart move, as the sharp but simple design helmet design ought to be preserved. Segovia — a new but notable name in super-hero comics art — does an excellent job of bringing a chilling tone to the story, one that’s definitely called for by the script. Eclipso’s convoluted history is summed up nicely, and the confrontation between villains at the end of this opening episode is a riveting one for readers familiar with the DC Universe. 7/10

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