Daily Archives: September 25, 2007

More Dollars and Sense

With the Canadian dollar (affectionately known as the loonie north of the 49th parallel) slightly surpassing the U.S. buck in value this week, U.S. comics publishers that list separate U.S. and Canadian prices on their publications plan say they plan to address the inaccurate divide between those prices.

U.S. comics publishers such as Marvel Entertainment, DC Comics and Image Comics list different prices in U.S. and Canadian dollars on the covers of their comics, and DC and Marvel list separate U.S. and Canadian prices on their hardcover and softcover graphic novels and collected editions. The Canadian price on their products range about 12 to 25 per cent higher than the U.S. price. The Canadian dollar actually surpassed its American counterpart by a minute margin in trading Monday, and it held steady at that level Tuesday.

Eye on Comics inquired with major U.S. publishers about the discrepancy.

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