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Quick Critiques – Oct. 16, 2007

Drafted #2 (Devil’s Due Publishing)
by Mark Powers & Chris Lie

I gave a lukewarm review to the first issue of this unusual sci-fi series but noted that it showed a lot of promise. With this second issue, writer Mark Powers carries on with his socio-political examination of what might happen if aliens visited the earth. Crises of faith, violent opposition and quiet acceptance all categorize the various reactions to such a world-changing event. The main focus in this issue is to show the aliens’ recruitment drive, as they hand-pick a select group of human beings to join them in a coming war. The stronger and more character-driven focus I felt was lacking in the first issue is found in the second episode, and the storytelling is more compelling as a result. Still, it feels as though the plot is moving ahead at a snail’s pace. The issue is padded out with some cliched alien-arrival moments, but there’s definitely the feeling of forward movement here. Artist Chris Lie manages to provide a truly impressive visual with a splash page featuring the dismantling of a piece of military technology. He captures an awesome level of detail while also conveying the invisible energy and movement of an impossible moment. The art in the rest of the book is a mixed bag. Sometimes, the characters look sharp and realistic. At others, the heads are too squat. The characters in the scenes set in Hong Kong don’t look at all Asian, and there’s no cue in the script that indicates they’re supposed to be Caucasian. Sometimes, it’s just the minor details that seem off while the dominant visual elements are well done, but even those minor bits can distract. 6/10

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