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Quick Critiques: It’s Not Easy Being Green

Green Arrow: Year One #6 (DC Comics)
by Andy Diggle & Jock

This limited series comes to a rather conventional and predictable, lacking in the edgier and intense atmosphere that allowed it to stand apart from DC’s regular super-hero fare. Mind you, that’s to be expected. This is, after all, the conclusion of a super-hero origin and part of the new lore behind a property DC has invested a lot of creative and marketing efforts as of late. The more vanilla tone found in this final issue is easy to understand and even accept as a result. Diggle has done a great job of updating Green Arrow for the 21st century. As far-fetched as this origin is, the writer has brought a greater complexity and more personality to it, and in the process, he’s also brought a slight degree of credibility to the title character as well. It’s no surprise that Jock’s linework brings the story to life so well; Diggle and Jock proved they had plenty of creative synergy with their Vertigo series, Losers. The subject matter has proven to be surprisingly comparable despite the different genres, and Jock’s eye for big-screen-like action served this story well. But Jock’s work has really shone when it comes to his covers for this series, and this one may be the best of the bunch. The simplicity of the arrowhead shape is balanced by the convincing anatomy of the hero in the foreground and the rich, glowing tones that allow the image to leap out from the black background. My comments here are rather glowing, considering I found this issue to be rather conventional (which is reflected in my rating). But while this was something of a whimper than a bang, there’s no denying the series as a whole is a solid piece of work. 6/10

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