Daily Archives: November 7, 2007

You Can’t Go Home Again

Action Comics #858
“Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes, Chapter 1: Alien World”
Writer: Geoff Johns
Pencils/Cover artist: Gary Frank
Inks: Jon Sibal
Colors: Dave McCaig
Letters: Rob Leigh
Editor: Matt Idelson
Publisher: DC Comics
Price: $3.50 US/$4.25 CAN

Geoff Johns delivers an unusual but ultimately charming story that manages to balance an appreciation of the lighter, more innocent tone of Silver Age super-hero stories and a slightly darker, more modern edge. The plot — about Superman visiting his super-hero pals in a harsh future he no longer recognizes — is hardly the most innovative premise; we’ve seen this sort of fare time and time again (no pun intended). Furthermore, introducing another altered version of the Legion of Super-Heroes seems like an odd choice, given how many permutations of property seem to exist simultaneously in DC lore. However, Johns’s story works quite well, and even the inconsistent continuity is easy to ignore given the more iconic, nostalgic approach he takes with the characters. Also adding strength is the introduction of Gary Frank’s pencils to the title. His realistic art not only brings a sense of grandeur to the superhuman characters but reinforces the dire and intense tone of the plot elements that turn up in the latter part of this issue.

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