Daily Archives: January 11, 2008

Future Tense

The Foundation #1
Writer: John Rozum
Artist: Chee
Colors: Malaka Studio
Letters/Editor: Marshall Dillon
Publisher: Boom! Studios
Price: $3.99 US

Boom! Studios has done it again.

In late 2006, I was blown away by Talent, a Boom title that impressed with a strong premise, compelling, dark atmosphere and well-realized characters. The Foundation is a much different project, but it also captured my imagination. Both books have a distinctly dark and cinematic quality, and the supernatural/superhuman elements and twists remind one of the works of such filmmakers as Hitchcock and Shyamalan. This initial plot revolves around a potential air disaster, and while we’re more than six years removed from the events of 9-11, paranoia about terrorism remains raw enough today that delving into that subject matter is a bit risky. I applaud the creators for taking the risk of offending some sensibilities in the name of a good story. More importantly, John Rozum poses an interesting and challenging question of ethics to the reader that sparks reflection beyond the reading experience and the circumstances of the plot.

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Feel the Burn

Afterburn #1
“Chaos and Profit”
Writer: Scott Chitwood & Paul Ens
Pencils: Wayne Nichols
Inks: Nick Schley
Colors: Marc Hampson & Andrew Dalhouse
Letters: Troy Peteri
Cover artist: Matt Busch
Publisher: Red 5 Comics
Price: $2.95 US

The first Red 5 Comics release I read, Atomic Robo, impressed, so when I sat down to delve into another one of their titles, I had high hopes. With Afterburn, I found the same kind of energy and sense of adventure as I did in Atomic Robo, but this project lacks the storytelling polish and flair of that other book. To be fair, they’re rather different comics; Afterburn isn’t played for laughs, for example. But whereas Robo hit all the right notes, the creators behind Afterburn falter when it comes to detail, both in the script and the art. There’s actually an intriguing premise, but the script presents what seems like important plot information but then races on ahead of it. The artwork is impressive at times, but it’s also inconsistent. It seems like everyone is rushing through this story, desperate to maintain a certain intensity, unfortunately sacrificing the reader’s chance to connect with the characters and absorb the story.

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