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Quick Critiques – Jan. 14, 2008

Amazing Spider-Man #546 (Marvel Comics)
by Dan Slott, Steve McNiven & Dexter Vines (backups by other creators)

Like thousands of others, I didn’t think “One More Day” was a good or even logical story; it was an unnecessary reboot, but there’s no denying that Marvel saw some solid sales from the event. But despite the weakness of that setup, this new beginning for Peter Parker and his supporting cast isn’t hindered by the shortcomings of what came before it. Given Dan Slott’s and Steve McNiven’s involvement in the title, I was more than willing to give Amazing Spidey a fair shake. And after approaching it with an open mind, I have to admit Slott’s script captured the energy and pace of Spidey stories from the 1970s — and I found I’m completely uninterested. There is a more youthful tone to Peter Parker’s life, as he’s unencumbered by the same responsibilities he once was; maybe that will appeal to a younger demographic, as Marvel and publisher Joe Quesada likely hope. I’m in my 30s, about to be married and house-shopping, so maybe that’s why I was more interested in the more mature mode of Peter’s life. Or maybe this is just too familiar. Stan Lee and other writers have tread this path before, and they got it right the first time.

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