Daily Archives: January 31, 2008

Pax Mentality

Pax Romana #1
“Part One: Destroy the Past. Create the Future.”
Writer/Artist/Cover artist: Jonathan Hickman
Publisher: Image Comics
Price: $3.50 US

Jonathan Hickman impressed with his debut effort, The Nightly News, another limited series from Image. His art, his layouts, his sense of design and his writing are all unlike the vast majority of output in the medium today. While I suspect many have yet to discover his work, his is a voice that will help to transform comics storytelling for the new century. While the biggest American comics publishers are embracing nostalgia in their storytelling, Hickman’s work challenges the reader to change his or her expectations. His comics look different, sound different and have a different impact on the audience. His compelling plots are immersed in relevance. His approach to sequential art leads the reader’s eye through the story in an unconventional but surprisingly natural manner. All of this was true of The Nightly News, and that remains the case with Pax Romana. Whereas before he took on the cultures of greed and the media, with Pax, he examines the cultures of religion and war. Oddly enough, while The Nightly News is set in a world clearly close to reality in America, it’s Pax Romana — with its future and past settings, men of the cloth and mercenaries — that’s more accessible while still challenging with its immense ideas.

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