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Quick Critiques – Feb. 22, 2008

Booster Gold #0 (DC Comics)
by Geoff Johns, Jeff Katz, Dan Jurgens & Norm Rapmund

This series seems to stand out as something of a guilty-pleasure read… at least for several online comics critics, and one can count me among them. Geoff Johns and co-writer Jeff Katz have crafted a fun comic that makes the most of the shared continuity and history of the DC Universe without being constrained by it. For the most part, the plot and script — which are deeply steeped in past DC super-hero stories — are fairly accessible for new readers. The story here is based on original Booster Gold stories of the late 1980s and a DC Universe crossover event from 1994, and yet, it’s easy for one to follow along. The time-travel riff always allows for exposition to be woven logically into the dialogue. Most important is that the writers make even more room a sense of fun, adventure, action and even a little melodrama. There’s always a colorful array of diverse characters to be found in the pages of this series, and this issue is no exception. Even if one hasn’t checked out previous issues, the zero issue is actually a decent jumping-on point. Dan Jurgens’s art is a perfect match for the old-school approach to the genre. He’s the one who created and designed the title character after all, so he’s captured the 1980s appeal with ease. I remain impressed with Norm Rapmund’s inks. In the past, he’s often brought a rougher look to the line art, but he’s tightened up his inking style for this project. The use of the metallic ink for the cover is a nice treat for those of us who remember all of the zero, crossover issues from DC’s Zero Hour event more than a decade ago. And for those who don’t get the reference, the rarely used metallic look will help this comic book to stand out. 7/10

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