Daily Archives: April 10, 2008

Krash Course

Krash Bastards original graphic novel
Writer: Joe Casey
Artist: Axel #13
Letters: Ryan Young & Rob Osbourne
Publisher: Image Comics/Man of Action Studios
Price: $9.99 US

This thoroughly American book takes a decided Japanese approach to comics storytelling, as this book reads back to front as genuine manga (as well as many Western editions of manga books) do. That’s a strong cue of what to expect from this action-oriented property. I’ve reached a point in my comics reading habits that that reverse approach to reading doesn’t faze me anymore. Unfortunately, this book is so focused on a certain cool factor that I felt completely alienated. Writer Joe Casey has crafted a sci-fi/action concept around the notions of celebrity and youth culture. It’s possible Casey means this as a satirical look at what passes for entertainment for youth today, but my sense is that it’s actually targeted at that demographic, explaining why I felt left out in the cold. Honestly, as I read through the pages of this book about a space-faring gang of sword-wielding good guys, I felt old — ancient, really.

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