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Quick Critiques – April 14, 2008

Echo #2 (Abstract Studio)
by Terry Moore

The plot gallops forward in this second issue, indicating the lazy pace to which we’re accustomed from Moore’s Strangers in Paradise doesn’t seem to be part of the plan for Echo. This episode brings in an element that SiP fans will recognize, and that’s a strong degree of intrigue and an espionage-genre feel. It’s a natural fit for this super-hero story, though, so it doesn’t feel as though Moore is repeating himself in any way. Julie’s reactions to an impossible, paranormal development in her life are incredibly convincing. Moore brings a realistic feel to the story not only through the character but in the circumstances and humor. The emergency-room doctor’s frustrations with Julie’s predicament and his dismissal of her condition as a prank are plausible ways to keep Julie from becoming a lab subject for conventional authorities. Also reinforcing the realistic approach to the surreal situation is Moore’s lovely, detailed artwork. The full-page shot of her cabin in the woods is absolutely breathtaking. The color on the cover makes me feel as though we’re missing out a bit when it comes to the black-and-white interiors, but there’s no denying the effectiveness of Moore’s storytelling and the attractiveness of his art despite the lack of color. I’m honestly surprised that this project has garnered as much buzz as fellow self-publisher Jeff Smith’s RASL has, but I expect that once the Echo collected editions start coming, a lot more people will be talking about this indy super-hero title. 8/10

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