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Quick Critiques – May 12, 2008

Avengers/Invaders #1 (Marvel Comics)
by Jim Krueger, Alex Ross & Steve Sadowski

This limited series is clearly a departure for Alex Ross and Jim Krueger, who have been turning heads with major super-hero storylines that are set outside of regular continuity, such as the Earth X titles from Marvel and DC’s recent Justice limited series. Unlike those books, Avengers/Invaders not only embraces continuity, it relies on it for the story to have any resonance or impact on the reader. The premise is simple: the Invaders of World War II find themselves propelled through time to the present, where they encounter the Marvel heroes of today. Cap — believed dead by the multitudes living on Earth-Marvel now — serves as a catalyst for emotional conflicts. I have no doubt that the writers will also play around Bucky Barnes’s character and how it’s radically changed between then and now. Events from such Marvel titles as Civil War and Thunderbolts factor heavily into the story in this opening episode. As a result, the title’s appeal will likely be limited to the core Marvel fanbase. There’s a lot of action here, and the plot moves along briskly. Krueger’s script captures Spider-Man’s jester-like voice incredibly well. Sadowski’s pencils seem far too rough at first, but when the action shifts to the present, the art seems to get tighter and crisper. Perhaps that was by design. 6/10

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