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Return to Splendor

Many Happy Returns
Licensable Bear segments:
Writer/Greytones/Letters: Nat Gertler
Artists: Rusty Haller & Ryan Estrada
Greytones: Nat Gertler & Ryan Estrada
“Too Rich To Be Guilty – A Crossfire Tale”
Writer/Greytones: Mark Evanier
Artist: Dan Spiegel
Letters: Thom Zahler
“Perry Had a Pimple”
Writer: Haywood Banks
Artist: Rusty Haller
“General Chatters”
Writer/Artist: Daniel Schneider
“Clawface – A Journey Tale”
Writer/Artist: Bill Messner-Loebs
Cover artists: Dan Spiegle & Bill Messner-Loebs
Publisher: About Comics
Price: $3.99 US

This book derives its title mainly from the fact that it returns a couple of important small-press, creator-owned properties that garnered a fair bit of attention in the industry in the 1980s. I’d read a couple of Crossfire comics in the past, but I’d only ever heard of Bill Messner-Loebs’s Journey, featuring a very different kind of Wolverine as the protagonist. For introducing me to the latter, Many Happy Returns scores a lot of brownie points, and I’m pleased to see we’ll be seeing more of Journey in the form of trade-paperback reprints from IDW Publishing.

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