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Quick Critiques – May 20, 2008

Brothers in Arms #1 (Dynamite Entertainment)
by Mike Neumann, David Wohl & David Fabbri

I’ve never played the videogame from which this comic book derives its title, and I have no idea what point the licensing aspect of this comic is, at least from a storytelling perspective. I suppose it has value as a marketing tool, but the story doesn’t read much like a videogame. And that’s fine. Writer Mike Neumann and David Wohl offer up a fairly standard World War II war story. Fans of DC’s war comics of the 1960s and ’70s might find this a rather interesting trip back to a different era in comics storytelling (albeit without the PG approach to language and visuals). The script does a good job of conveying how regular, everyday people end up in the horrific circumstance of war, not to mention the high cost they pay. Where the writing goes astray is in its failure to really distinguish among the various characters. They come from different places and backgrounds, yes, but as characters, they all seem the same. Sure, we’re offered a few visual cues, and I like the Cold Case-esque flashback approach to the G.I.s’ divergent looks. But for the most part, they’re all carbon copies of one another. Everything else seems pretty much by the numbers. If I was a war comic aficionado, I’d probably opt for Sgt. Rock reprints over this new product. 5/10

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