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Quick Critiques – June 1, 2008

Batman #677 (DC Comics)
by Grant Morrison, Tony Daniel & Sandu Florea

Morrison is slowly winning me over with this story arc, which is a sales event/stunt first and a character study second. The writer is clearly trying to humanize Bruce Wayne/Batman, primarily through his relationship with Jezebel Jet. Unfortunately, I still find the new supporting character to be somewhat irksome, and Morrison hasn’t sold me on why Bruce is so drawn to her. There are elements of traditional super-hero plotting that are both a bit charming and hard to swallow at the same time. The main conflict in this story seems to be Bruce’s internal struggle over the notion that dressing up as a bat to beat up bad people is a rather crazy one. Morrison approaches the idea of the vigilante super-hero from a realistic perspective, and I’m intrigued by the psychological examination. It’s unfortunately that last year’s three-part story arc with J.H. Williams III plays such an important role in this new storyline, as it creates an accessibility problem (and I read that earlier arc). Tony Daniel’s art remains a poor fit for this story. Morrison’s script is clearly aiming for a more refined tone, but Daniel’s work here never really seems more than simply adequate and ordinary. It’s not that he’s performing poorly on this title; it’s just that his style and Morrison’s strike me as a bad match. 6/10

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