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Quick Critiques – June 25, 2008

Final Crisis #2 (DC Comics)
by Grant Morrison & J.G. Jones

Wow… Morrison pulls out all the stops and begins to show just how complex, creative and compelling a story he has in mind for the icons of DC’s super-hero universe. His inventive notions and amalgams of science-fiction and spirituality challenge the reader, and he brings plenty of drama to the mix as well. Final Crisis is shaping up to be the smartest super-hero genre event ever put to paper, even rivalling the meticulous planning and structure of Alan Moore’s never-published Twilight event for DC. The opening scene is incredibly entertaining; Morrison’s vision of super-hero pop culture in Japan is amusing yet biting in its criticism. The scene also reminded me a great deal of the premise behind Alex Ross and Mark Waid’s Kingdom Come, with its criticism of a new generation of heroes and comics. Morrison’s story isn’t the most accessible of creatures, given its deep roots in the late Jack Kirby’s Fourth World. To DC’s credit, it’s not really marketed this as a gateway to its characters and universe, and I’m not sure if it’s feasible, given the maturity and complexity of the writer’s ideas. Still, newer readers won’t be completely lost and will find scenes that will capture the imagination (the Japanese club and Alpha Lantern investigation scenes come to mind). Jones’s art is meticulous and moody. This issue is replete with crowded scenes, featuring a lot of different colorful characters, but the artist handles them adeptly. Detail isn’t sacrificed; quite the opposite, actually. The art demands attention and a closer perusal after one’s initial reading of the issue. While I enjoyed the first issue of this series, I’m really excited about the title after reading the second episode. 9/10

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