Daily Archives: July 28, 2008

Seasonal Work

In the world of television, production companies put together pilots, single-introductory episodes of new shows that they show to prospective buyers, hoping to get picked up for more episodes. With its Pilot Season line, Top Cow Productions, an Image Comics imprint, seems to be trying a similar approach, releasing single issues of new properties, but allowing the readership decide which ones will continue as ongoing series, as I understand it. I’m sure the gimmick is to pump out multiple first issues for the collectors’ crowd and reduce the chance of investing in titles that’ll fizzle. I’m not wild about the concept, truth be told, but the results are interesting. It’s allowed Top Cow to branch out beyond the fare for which it’s mainly known. Judging from the three 2008 Pilot Season books I review below, the experiment brings a little more diversity to the brand.

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