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Quick Critiques – Aug. 6, 2008

Final Crisis #3 (DC Comics)
by Grant Morrison & J.G. Jones

Some readers may feel this is something of a slow issue, that not much happens in this third episode of the series. It’s an understandable impression, given the explosive nature of the previous issue’s events and the focus on some quiet, personal moments for the characters in this one. Nevertheless, Grant Morrison’s tribute to the late Jack Kirby’s Fourth World myths gallops ahead. This is about Darkseid’s ultimate victory, cracking the Anti-Life Equation and moving toward physical and intellectual dominance over all things. It really helps to have a grounding in the Fourth World to appreciate what’s happening here, though. J.G. Jones’s art is lovely, but the density of the plot is apparent in the visuals. This is a big event book, but the artist has few opportunities to deliver big visuals, such as splash pages. The coloring looks a little washed out in this issue, not as crisp as what we saw last month. I remain puzzled by the disconnect between several of Jones’s cover images for this series and the actual content. For example, Supergirl’s prominence on one of the covers for this third issue doesn’t jibe with the minor moment the character has in this issue.

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