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Quick Critiques – Oct. 19, 2008

Booster Gold #13 (DC Comics)
by Rick Remender, Pat Oliffe & Jerry Ordway

Rick Remender takes over the writing chores on the title with this issue, and though the plotting is rather conventional in nature, he’s definitely captured the spirit and energy of Booster Gold. He offers up an accessible script that not only sums up the current mission of the title character, but he also gives newer readers a crash course on the classic Justice League of America villain at the heart of the plot. Remender also teases his audience with glimpses of other characters that are meant to play a role in the hero’s future, which is part of the fun of a super-hero comic book about time travel. What’s really interesting about this issue, though, is the artwork. Assigning Pat Oliffe the pencilling gig for this title makes sense, as he was a regular contributor to 52, the title that breathed new life into Booster Gold. Pairing Oliffe’s thin-lined, sketchy style with the thicker, more detailed linework of inker Jerry Ordway seems like an odd choice. I have to admit that the end result seems to showcase the pair’s strengths. While they have radically different styles, they have something in common: a bright, fun tone, and that comes through in this unusual collaboration. I’m still undecided on their overall compatibility, but I did enjoy this particular joint effort. 7/10

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