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Quick Critiques – Nov. 23, 2008

Amazing Spider-Man #578 (Marvel Comics)
by Mark Waid & Marcos Martin

When the cover image for this issue was released a couple of months ago, a lot of people complained that the creators seemed to be out to replicate a classic Spidey story in which he was trapped under tons of rubble, unable to free himself. A read of this new issue will reveal a different kind of story, one that taps into classic Spidey concepts but nevertheless boasts a more modern feel as well. Yes, the story hinges on a couple of hard-to-swallow coincidences, but those have been mainstays of the genre for decades. Ultimately, I think Mark Waid delivers a smart script and a fascinating new subplot in the form of an addition to the supporting cast of characters. After seeing his work on the Brian Vaughan-penned Dr. Strange: The Oath, just about everyone knew Marcos Martin would excel when he finally took on Spider-Man, given the wonderful Steve Ditko vibe in his style these days. Martin’s earlier efforts boasted a simple tone, and that’s still felt here. But there’s also an incredible level of detail to be found as well; just check out the linework that goes into bringing the weather and Spidey’s webbing to life on the opening splash page. Rather than trying to convince us of the reality of Spidey’s world, though, the detail is more about driving home a mood.

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