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Quick Critiques – Dec. 8, 2008

Echoes of the Damned #1 (Devil’s Due Publishing)
by James Pascoe & Roger Robinson

It’s not unusual to see James Pascoe’s and Roger Robinson’s names gracing the same comic book. The former served as the latter’s inker on a variety of DC titles, notably in the Batman family of titles. But this time around, Pascoe is the writer. There are several ways in which his story about FBI profiler Dante Cortez’s quest to catch an ages-old serial killer is derivative and even cliched. The notion of a law-enforcement official haunted by the death of a loved one, the big case that pops up on his last day on the job and a plot one can find in such films as The Fallen and The Exorcist III all make for a number of moments that are uncomfortably familiar. But there’s an intensity at play in both the plot and main characters that’s entertaining and enticing. The real strength is to be found in the artwork. This stands out as some of the best work I’ve seen from Robinson. There’s more detail in his linework; it’s meticulous and impressive, and it serves the story well. Robinson has established a nicely noir atmosphere, and splashes of color enhance that further. Robinson’s art here looks like a cross between the styles of Ethan (Green Lantern: Rebirth) Van Sciver and John Paul (The Winter Men) Leon. The action flows smoothly, and the book just looks… well, cool. Furthermore, the cover design really stands out as unique; the dominance of the masthead, along with its unusual placement, is quite eye-catching. Echoes of the Damned, despite its familiar qualities, was quite a surprise, and it serves as a nice change of pace for Devil’s Due. 7/10

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