Daily Archives: January 4, 2009

War ‘Zine from the War Zone

No Enemy But Peace one-shot
Writer: Richard C. Meyer
Artists: Martin Montiel Luna & Richard C. Meyer
Letters: Thomas Mauer
Publisher: Machinegun Bob Productions
Price: $3 US

This self-published effort is based on a true story of one soldier’s experiences and actions during a key battle in Iraq not long after the United States invaded more than five years ago. On simply that basis, the storytelling is compelling, given that it purports to be real rather a fiction designed to shock and/or inform. The greater draw of the book is the passion of its creators, which clearly shines through. Their intent to honor the actions of U.S. troops is obvious, as is their love of the medium they’ve opted for the presentation of their tribute. Still, the fact that this foray into comics storytelling is new to them is undeniable. It’s difficult to follow the flow of the action and plot, as neither the art nor the script provide enough cues to allow the reader to differentiate among the characters or to see clear transitions from scene to scene or setting to setting. The detail in the art is crisp and clear, and I can’t help but think that there would have been more clarity had the book been presented in color rather than black and white. While there are flaws here, the writer and artists also show potential. It’s quite likely that they’ll learn from this effort and refine their craft for future offerings the writer promises in his foreword.

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