Daily Archives: January 9, 2009

Beagle Boy

The Life and Times of Genghis Dhag mini-comic
Writer/Artist/Comic artist: Erik Denis
Publisher: Genghis Khan Publishing Yurt
Price: $7.50

Erik Denis is a civil servant who loves comics, loves his family and loves his dog. And those loves have found their way onto the printed page — pages he printed up himself in the form of a mini-comic. Denis’s narrator professes not to be a dog person, but his writing captures the amusing quirks of a beagle’s behavior, not to mention the precociousness of toddlers. Genghis Dhag is a charming collection of one-page strips, charming enough to give the flaws in the storytelling a run for their money. In the end, the cuteness and humor don’t overcome the overly simple artwork and disjointed flow, but neither do the flaws eclipse the strengths. Ultimately, I think Denis’s future forays into comics storytelling would be well served by collaboration, by teaming with an artist who has a less amateurish style or even some fellow writers who can serve as de facto editors.

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