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The Beginning of the End (League)

The End League: Volume One trade paperback
Writer: Rick Rememder
Pencils: Mat Broome & Eric Canete
Inks: Sean Parsons & Eric Canete
Colors: Wendy Broome, James Rochelle & Naomi Baker
Editor: Dave Land
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Price: $12.95 US

Rick Remender has slowly but surely transformed himself into one of the more prolific and relief-upon writers in American comics today. He’s always got work on the go from Marvel, DC, Image and Dark Horse Comics, and some of his work is quite strong. A recent highlight was the recent launch of Gigantic, another ongoing title from Dark Horse. Given that track record, it was with some interest that I approach the first collected edition of his dystopian super-hero saga, The End League. Promotional copy on the back of this book bills it “a thematic merging of The Lord of the Rings and Watchmen.” It’s not an apt description at all. Remender clearly has a lot he wants to say about and do to the various archetypes of the super-hero genre; actually what’s really clear is that he has too much to say. This opening storyline — consisting of the first four issues of the series — is scattered, shifting focus repeatedly. The expansive nature of the cast of characters is overwhelming. The unfortunate thing is that the initial premise — what happened when Superman screws up? — is an interesting one, but it’s buried by what seems like a multitude of other plotlines.

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