Daily Archives: March 4, 2009

Mistakes and Missing Mea Culpas

DC Comics announced officially this week in its Direct Channel newsletter to retailers that it’s revising the contents of its Final Crisis hardcover collected edition, due out in June. Originally, the publisher planned to include only the seven issues of the core event series, which gave way to reader and retailer complaints that the book will be confusing for readers. The reason: critical chapters of Grant Morrison’s story were published in comics other than Final Crisis — namely in the pages of Final Crisis: Submit and Final Crisis: Superman Beyond. In an e-mail sent out Tuesday, DC announced that the book will now include the Submit one-shot and the two Superman Beyond issues as well, raising the price of the hardcover from $24.99 US to a reasonable $29.99 US.

It’s encouraging to see the publisher taking steps to correct such a clear problem. It’s possible that original solicitation for the book was done in error, that this was the plan all along. It’s also possible that Morrison himself stepped up and pointed out the problems that the omissions would create for the reader. Personally, I’d like to think DC listened to its customers — both at the retailer and reader levels — and took the appropriate steps.

It’s a shame, though, that they didn’t take a couple more steps up that flight of stairs to the Apology Floor.

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