Daily Archives: March 8, 2009

Spirited Discussion

Smuggling Spirits hardcover graphic novel
Writer: Ben Fisher
Artist/Cover artist: Mike Henderson
Letters: Adam Markiewicz
Publisher: Studio 407
Price: $20.99 US

The whole premise for this book is to be found in the title and the double-meaning of “spirits.” It refers to both liquor and the supernatural, and from there, Fisher’s story flows naturally. He sets his story in a Prohibition-era United States beset upon by hordes of monsters. To be honest, it’s the historical elements that are more interesting than the supernatural ones, but Fisher and Henderson blend those disparate elements together nicely. Smuggling Spirits is entertaining, well-crafted, small-press effort. The book is like a cross between Sin City and Road to Perdition, heavily garnished with a melange of monsters. The biggest problem facing this project is how much it’s clearly inspired by and borrows from Frank Miller’s noir crime comics, but that’s not to suggest the plotting and storytelling are wanting.

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