Daily Archives: March 12, 2009

And the Wiener Is…

Though the focus of this website is reviews and commentary, I get a lot of comics-related news releases. It’s understandable that my e-mail address would find its way onto certain distribution lists. I get specific requests for publicity on the site, which I decline, since it’s outside the mission I’ve set out for Eye on Comics. So it was no big deal when a news release about a graphic novel from Head Press Publishing popped up in my inbox. I scanned it quickly, and I was immediately struck by the fact that it begged so many questions and didn’t hold water even on the most cursory glance.

The news release is titled “EYE WITNESS: RISE OF THE APOSTLE FINALIST FOR NATIONAL BOOK AWARD.” The first thing that struck me as odd was the fact that I’d never head of Eye Witness: Rise of the Apostle. While I admit that I don’t know the details about every single title published by major, smaller or even indy publishers in the realm of comics, I do keep up enough on industry news to recognize the titles of much lauded and noteworthy releases. Not only hadn’t I heard of Rise of the Apostle, but it’s apparently the third installment in a series of four “award-winning” graphic novels.

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