Daily Archives: March 31, 2009

Pull Sword A from Slot B in Rock C

Arthur: The Legend Continues #1
Writer: Martin T. Pierro
Artist: Cristhian Zamora
Letters: Percival Constantine
Cover artist: Atula Siriwardane
Editor: Connie Voss
Publisher: Cosmic Times
Price: $3.50 US

One of the mistakes that some indy creators make (and let’s be honest, some of the big publishers make it as well) is dedicating so much of their time and precious resources to ideas and plot premises that have been explored as thoroughly and frequently as Wilt Chamberlain’s nether regions. Writer Martin Pierro has opted to tell the story of the return of King Arthur in a far-flung, dark time at which he’s needed the most. It’s hardly cutting-edge genre fiction. I suppose one could argue that there’s an established audience for this sort of fare, but I can’t help but believe that new, unknown creators would earn more attention by exploring more unconventional territory. Still, the creators’ passion for what they’re doing here shines through in the material, but that’s not enough to hide the awkward pacing and figures.

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