Daily Archives: April 19, 2009

Shot Through the Heart

You Have Killed Me original hardcover graphic novel
Writer: Jamie S. Rich
Artist/Cover artist: Joelle Jones
Letters: Douglas E. Sherwood
Editor: James Lucas Jones
Publisher: Oni Press
Price: $19.95 US

This upcoming project has been on my radar since its announcement. That it was crafted by the same creative team as 12 Reasons Why I Love Her. Jamie S. Rich and Joelle Jones delivered an excellent romance/slice-of-life story with that graphic novel, and with this new project, they turn their attention to another genre. As the title suggests, You Have Killed Me explores some slightly darker territory. Rich and Jones embrace the film-noir private-eye story with this book. As I began reading, I worried that their take might come off as derivative or even corny. To my relief and pleasure, they do right by the genre. Jones’s art is as attractive as ever, and not just because she captures seductive silhouettes. She captures the historical backdrop for this piece of fiction incredibly well, but she never goes so far as to strive for a photorealistic approach in her linework. There are a couple of intriguing mysteries to be found in this book, as well as a colorful array of characters and a tribute to a cultural history that’s been left behind but is rightly remembered.

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