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Quick Critiques – May 3, 2009

Justice Society of America #26 (DC Comics)
by Geoff Johns, Dale Eaglesham & Nathan Massengill

Writer Geoff Johns and penciller Dale Eaglesham bring their tenures on this title to a close with a surprisingly character-driven (though certainly not quiet) story. Johns’s association with the Justice Society goes back 10 years to his debut as co-writer on the sixth issue of this title’s predecessor, JSA. Given that his take on the Justice Society has been linked to the themes of tradition and family, this self-contained issue — devoid of super-hero action and intrigue — is a fitting note on which the writer should take his leave. The script doesn’t even dwell that much on the events of the past two Justice Society series. Instead, it focuses on how several characters have grown. It’s ironic, I suppose, that Johns’s final issue of the series is actually a decent primer on the cast and themes at its heart. The one aspect of the script that didn’t quite sit well with me was the notion that Starman’s mental illness is played up for laughs.

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