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Quick Critiques – May 18, 2009

Final Crisis Aftermath: Escape #1 (DC Comics)
by Ivan Brandon, Marco Rudy & Mick Gray

After the first of these Final Crisis Aftermath titles left a bad taste in my mouth, I approached this second in the series with some trepidation. the good news is that it’s much better than Run, but one has to bear in mind that’s not exactly a Herculean task, creatively speaking. This tale of Nemesis’s surreal imprisonment in a mysterious facility along with other figures from the world of espionage in the DC Universe is reminiscent of The Prisoner, and on that level, it’s intriguing. This is a complete and utter mystery. We have no idea who’s holding Nemesis, why, what the others have to do with it or how he came to be in this position. That all-encompassing, permeating air of mystery is somewhat enticing, but the plot is frustrating and puzzling as well. There’s no indication what this has to do with the aftermath of Final Crisis. Furthermore, it seems completely disconnected from Wonder Woman, a title in which Nemesis plays an integral role. It doesn’t even acknowledge it, it seems. This unusual story is hindered by the fact that the characters are connected to DC continuity. It seemingly tries to ignore that context even though the book’s title itself embraces it as part of the appeal.

Marco Rudy’s artwork strives for a realistic appearance, but it doesn’t quite get there. The penciller hits his mark, though, when it comes to conveying the mind-bending, dizzying nature of the hero’s experiences. As was the case with Run, the strongest visual element this comic book has going for it is the cover artwork, this time by Scott Hampton, which captures the darkness and the weirdness of the subject matter within rather succinctly. 5/10

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