Daily Archives: June 4, 2009

Passes Sold Out, People Left Out

Passes for Comic-Con International San Diego 2009 have sold out in record time, and a lot of people are celebrating. It’s easy to understand why. In what can only be described as uncertain economic times, the fact that so many shelled out so quickly for an event that’s clearly a luxury seems to be a sign that there’s strong support for the comics industry and medium. It’s certainly great news for those who run Comic-Con. Now the organizers and volunteers need only concern themselves with the smooth operation of the event and not so much the financial bottom line.

I’ve found the sellouts of passes in recent years — and especially for 2009 — to be somewhat disconcerting. Now, I’m unable to attend the con this year (my inability to attend has nothing to do with access to passes, though, but rather with more important financial commitments). I’ve made it twice in the past and hope to attend sometime in the future as well. I don’t anticipate trouble in the future in getting a pass. My concern lies, instead, with the casual comic-book fan.

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